Spotify Release-“We”-Gnash

The new cd  from Gnash “We” has a sweeping joyous hip hop rap tone. The frolicking Beatles like lyrics and music bring about a refreshing mix. This minimalist CD keep you on your toes. The talk song quality bring out an irresistible  melancholia. The nasal phrasing works on your brain. With just a guitar or drums you get caught up in the Gnash world.

You can’t help but smile at the comedy bite that these lyrics generate on T-Shirt

So, I hope you get everything you deserve
You broke my heart and all I got was this t-shirt

The track “Dear Insecurity” featuring Ben Abraham rips at us with

“Dear insecurity
​When you gonna take your hands off me?

When you ever gonna let me be
​Proud of who I am?”

In “Pajamas” the wistful lyrics bring a fragrant escape

“Don’t get stressed, don’t get dressed
Let’s stay in our pajamas”

In the Broken Heart’s Club, we are showered with

“We’re the newest members of the broken hearts club
And we all kinda hate it, but it’s easier than love”

The hit single from the CD “I hate u I love u” featuring the soaring vocals of Olivia O’Brien is the purifying  climax before the resolution of the final track “ P.S.”

“P.S., I miss you when you feel alone
P.S., I’m with you, wherever you go
P.S., I get you, so, P.S., come home
P.S., I love you, that’s all that I know”


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