Dermot Kennedy-Spotify Release

Dermot Kennedy’s lilt to his voice welcomes you into his world view. He starts with “The Power over Me” Dermot startles us with the lyrics “You’ve got that power over me, My Everything I hold dear resides in those eyes”. In the next track “Moments Passed” he rips our guts with the line “how could I love you back, you who dropped your dreams in the gutter”. This Dublin singer song writer follows the Irish tradition of soul-searching depths. In ‘Glory” Dermot continues his religious descent as he wails “She’s everything the devil can’t be When she’s singing to me, “Glory”. Kennedy has that James Arthur and Leonard Cohen mash up quality that he  brings to his vocalizing. “An Evening I’ll Not Forget” is stunningly acoustic. There is something inherent in his phrasing that takes us to the heavens. He never bores us as he finds an unique way of taking us on the journey of these twelve masterpieces. “Young and Free” builds with a smooth energy to awaken our senses. He shares his pristine Irish soul with us.    The final track “Shelter” leaves us hopeful of the future. “But I’ve been keeping hope And I’ve got a fairy tale in my heart, I can cope”.

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