Spotify Release-Zayn-Icarus Falls

Icarus Falls is a gorgeous melodic pop harmonic CD from ZAYN. He grips you with perfectly coordinated hooks. Tickling your senses with smooth rhythms beats. You can’t deny his talent. Don’t let the fact that ZAYN is from One Directions. This cd surpasses their work and rips apart any misconceptions you have about teen idol rock. “Common” waves over me like a shower. “Imprint” is a slow bristling minimalist funk. “Stand Still” has a moody light-hearted arrangement. You’ll  get sweeped up with these lyrics on “Tonight”

“Space and time, I wanna fall into your eyes
There’s no point in stallin’, there’s nothin’ to hide”

Sure, the CD is shamelessly romantic but who cares. On“Flight of the Stars” he gets away with these lyrics:

“I been feeling like I deserve somebody
And you burn so bright you can blind somebody”

“I Don’t Mind” has those falsetto notes to challenge his upper registers. “Good Guy” sounds like a track from a Coen Brothers film. “Sour Diesel” has a great brass section. “Satisfaction and Scripted” make me want to cuddle.“Good Years” is the kind of guilty melodrama that whips me into a frenzy.The final song “Too Much” is no less than magnificent due to Timbaland’s arrangement and production values. A great way to the end this 27 rich song fest.

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