Spotify-A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships

This new release by The 1975 is an eclectic mix that will fill up your senses with a wide variety of musical forms. The fourth cut “How to Drawer/Petrichor” kicks off with an eerie arrangement. This is almost an instrumental track with complex chords and intricate melody lines. “Love it if We Made It” has that driving strong drumbeat as they shout out these lyrics “Access all the applications That are hardening positions based on miscommunications” The following track “Be My Mistake” is the first ballad on the cd. Who can resist a chorus that includes these lines “Save all the jokes you’re going to make Whilst I see how much drink I can take Then be my mistake.” “The Man Who Married A Robot/Love Theme” tells a story through spoken words with an elegant piano playing in the background. The ending chills us as violins and brass join the piano. “Inside Your Mind” is a lovely plaintive longing ballad. The simple minimalist arrangement is so right for this track. “It’s not living (if it’s not with you) is a joyous Fleetwood Mac feel good song. The ballads are rip roaring gems and when you get to “I Couldn’t Be More In Love” you will be swooning. It borders on chilling honest melodrama. Did Barry Manilow inspire them with a key change in the last chorus? The instrumental section is flawless. The finale is “I Always Wanna Die (Sometime). Despite this scary title there is an optimism that percolates through the lyrics.

On the video
Living room for small
If you can’t survive; just try

The song swells to a gentle gregarious hope.

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