Spotify Release-Pretty Woman Broadway

Pretty Woman has all the musical clichés of a pop rock simple melodic score. Yet the voices on this new release relish your senses. The hooks come fast and furious starting with the opening number “Welcome to Hollywood.” Samantha Barks clutches us with “Anywhere but Here.” Andy Karl’s has a vibrance in his first solo “Something about Her.” His shameless crooning is lovely. “Luckiest Girl in the World” is a sweet upbeat track. While “Rodeo Drive” feels like an energetic dance trek. “On a Night like Tonight” feels stolen from Evita but who cares? “Freedom” is a beautiful lament. “You’re Beautiful” has a gregarious melody. “This is My Life” gives Samantha Barks another chance to blow up emotional longing. ”You and I” is the centerpiece show stopper with a stunning operatic solo interpolated to brilliant effect. The 11 o’clock  bone chilling notes in “I Can’t Go Back” stamp Samantha Barks are a new Broadway stat. The final duet whips you into a frenzy “Together Forever.” This is great schlock.

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