Spotify Release-Twenty One Pilots-Trench

Trench by Twenty-One Pilots has a spacey ephemeral quality starting with the first track “Jumpsuit”. “Levitate” incorporates their iconic rap disco with strident drumming. They can get away with lyrics like

“Oh, I know how to levitate up off my feet
And ever since the seventh grade I learned to fire-breathe”

With “Morph” they border on sweet r&b. The echo chamber on “Chlorine” has an effective hook link. “Smithereens” has voices coming at you. “Neon Gravestone” feels like Ed Sheeran rapping. The throwback rockn’roll feel to this CD refreshes our memories of progressive rock.

First with the lyrics on “Cut my lip”

“Though I bruised

Face of contusions

Know I’ll keep moving”

and then “My Blood”

“Stay with me my blood you don’t need to run”

They delve into cutting blood passion.

The final song “Leaving the City” is a contemplative riff

“In time I will leave the city

For now I will stay alive.”

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