Spotify release-Josh Groban

Josh Groban has the usual issues with his new release “Bridges”. You never know if the song will be overproduced or whether his phrasing will sound operatic rather than naturalistic. The first track “Granted” falls into the overpowering arrangement orchestration. Until we get to the third track “River” does he hit his stride with the fluorescent titillating soaring high notes. With “Musica del Corazon” and “S’il suffisalt d’aimer” the phrasing works in Spanish and French. The cover of “Bridge Over Troubled Waters” feels stale with predictable phrasing. Now the first of the three duets-“Run” with Sarah MacLachlan brings the cd to the heights as they both stretch the music and lyrics to match their sweet tones. “More than You” sweeps you away with a perfect blending of sensitive and honesty phrasing matching his timbre. The final duet with Jennifer Nettles is a hooky gem. The CD ends with a routine version of Billy Joel’s “She’s Always a Woman To Me”. So overall a mixed bag unless you are a diehard Josh Groban fan.

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