Spotify Release-Troye Sivan-Bloom

Troye Sivan’s Bloom starts with the evocative “Seventeen”. This slow steamy track creeps up on you with the lines

I went out looking for love when I was seventeen
Maybe a little too young, but it was real to me
And in the heat of the night, saw things I’d never seen
Oh oh oh oh oh oh, seventeen.

This singer is unabashedly gay and holds nothing back.

The next track My My My sings about the intensity of love making

Oh my, my, my!
I die every night with you

The title track “Bloom” thows off any melancholia and we get the upbeat

Come on, baby, play me like a love song
Every time it comes on
I get this sweet desire
(Yeah I bloom) I bloom just for you

In “Postcard” he breaks our heart with unrequited love

I’m undone about to burst at my seams
‘Cause I am picturing you beside me
So let me be everything that you need

Starting with the track “Dance to This” the arrangements become dynamic

As he whips his world music vibe each song we get has a cathartic freedom. His phrasing becomes more energized. The percussion becomes more pronounced. His voice steps out from the shadows.

The grand finale is “Animal”. It’s rare to have an artist dig this deep with the lyrics.

I am an animal with you
No angels could beckon me back
And it’s hotter than hell where I’m at

So Troye ends this mature work  as a Pop Animal.

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