I’d Know You Anywhere Novel

I love Laura Lippman. Her “I’d Know You Anywhere” is so beautifully constructed that you become so enveloped in her characters and story, you lose track of time and only want to finish the novel. The premise of Eliza wife and mother who had been kidnapped and raped at 15 seems like a familiar plot. Flashbacks flesh out the possible how’s and why’s. Eliza’s current state of mind is in play. Additionally the novel deals with Walter, the serial kidnapper murderer on death row that might have “something” on Eliza to prevent his execution. The mother of one of the murdered girls blames Eliza for her daughter’s death by Walter. Eliza’s daughter has possible “bad seed” qualities. Lippman knows how to juggle all these characters like a fine surgeon. Digging deep into their psyche. It all builds to a gang buster logical ending with enough guessing that all good mysteries need.

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