Spotify of the Week-Dirty Projectors

Each track has a crazy arrangement. On the 2nd cut “Break Thru” the jaunty instrumentation feels so unique. And get a hold of these lyrics “She is so dreamy
Like she’s got the features of Fellini”.

The falsetto on “I Feel Energy” grapples with r&b. Infectious clapping smoothly combines with percussion. I love the lines

“But then something unexplained (and the feel remains lingering)
Perfume (in the midsummer night)”

Now it sounds like a harpsichord is introducing the next track “Zombie Conqueror”. Does this group have no shame with mixing  unique instruments ?

“I Found It In U” uses drum clapping to free your sensibilities. These glorious lyrics are so rich:

“Now in hindsight the alienation
And all the painful dreams I failed to extinguish”

“You’re the One” is a blissful only guitar backed up track with delicious harmony. We are in Manhattan Transfer Jazz mood for the final track “I Wanna Feel It All”. The transport is other worldly with a brass, piano, and drum interlude that is breathless. With the vocalizing peppering the spooky ending you feel a therapeutic ‘conclusion.

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