Spotify-Years & Years-Palo Santo

Palo Santo is a dance infested hook-based cd. The bongo drums identify each track. London band Years and Years is your Spotify treat this week. The lyrics on the second track Hallelujah acknowledges you are in for pop fused funk.

“Want to taste you on the lips to make you jealous

Make me forget I feel much better”

Jump to “All for You” and we are in teen territory with

“You look like you’re so damn scared

I don’t really think you care”

“Karma” reaches us with the optimism of “But good things are coming to me.”

“If You’re Over Me” has a childlike playful arrangement complimented with the lines

“Yesterday you said I’m the one

But now you say you’re done”

The Jackson Five come to life in “Lucky Escape”. The rich lines pout

“You’re so deluded, you’re such a fake

And now you got somebody else to manipulate”

Title track “Palo Santo” goes for the jugular with “I’m waking spirits tonight

And I can’t hear your voice” and a blissful echo chamber and chorus that clamors to a swirling close.

And what better way to end this delight then with the dance infused “Up in Flames”

“And we’re dancing to the sound

Of your demons falling down

And our past is going up in flames (flames)

And the future will be rearranged”

Trust me your body will move.

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