Our drive from Santa Monica to Idyllwild showered us with heat humidity increases from 85 degrees to 117. Our stop for lunch was a blast of furnace softened by an ice cold nectar kern drink and left-over chicken sausage, potato and eggplant. The three-hour drive ended at The Rainbow Inn. This charming bed and breakfast chilled sanctuary made the travel worthy. Neal relaxed and I unwound. The first event was a brisket dinner at the pump house. This 50th birthday celebration adventure in a wooded nature enclave wiped away the past political week. New friends welcomed us. Orgasmic vegetarian options that topped the evening with gluten free simply marvelous berry pies and depth defying sorbet satisfied every ounce of me. Guitar serenading-protest songs from the birthday boy playlist harkened back to a delicious past.

Day two hiking despite oxygen needy lungs for 1.2 miles. The pack of twenty moved inch by inch on the Idyllwild park trail. Sweaty arm pits longed for bubbly refreshment 45 minutes later at the nature center.

Pool party occupied middle day. We beaded bracelets as a birthday memento. Ended the day with downtown tour and library.

Part two of observations after big shindig this evening.


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