Poem of the Week-Prom at 66

My first prom at 66

The seventies revisited by Donna Summer and the Jackson five

I dragged my husband without regret

The diverse GLBTQ 200 people took my breath to a distant planet

The dance floor waited for Macarthur Park to beckon my feet

Someone left the cake out in the rain still didn’t make sense

I pounded the floor

I wiggled without scorn

Hips scratched my silky blue pants

The sheer white holes from my blouse

Refused to sweat

My hands jangled and reach the ceiling

I flashed back to Fairfax Highschool for a fleeting second

This queer boy was scared in 1970

Wishing to make the prom fell outsourced

Back to this prom with Drag Queens strutting and vocalizing

The Pleasure Chest raffle made us giggle

The photo burns into the frame they gifted us

When Shake Your Body to the Ground blasted me off my seat

I whispered to myself “I have arrived.”

The surprise of Temple and Glaad members along with writing partners gave me blessings

My husband smiled as he took me away from panic

Gliding through the room as clouds bounced

Charming dance moves don’t wake my dream

My brain’s dead cells clear that night

Awaiting new data

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