Observations -BCC-6-17-2018

It was the monthly early Shabbat service at 6:30 p.m. As we approached the synagogue at 6:35 there was a quiet buzz. Instead of the normal welcome, the greeter told us “Hurry up, we need you to make a minion.” Wow that is unusual that only eight other congregants showed up. We hadn’t been to temple in six weeks and felt guilty that we weren’t supporting Friday night services. The cantor was molding his voice with the guitar blissfully. Our good friend Jeff was lay leading services. We huddled in the second row with the other eight Jews. My heart sank thinking about the low attendance. Then Jeff told us we were small but mighty. As the evening progressed I felt a spiritual depth spreading. Each song and prayer intimately connected. When Ginger started her drash we felt transported. Her 35 year cancer free proclamation from a year ago that flipped to a recurrence broke our hearts. She stunningly took the Torah portion and made it relevant to her story and our state of mind. The majestic evening came to a close with a refreshed mindful meditation of Judaism. If anyone is looking for an awakening, please come to Beth Chayim Chadishim.


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