Spotify Release-Kindness,Rebel

“Can you really blame me
Built on a system where some must fail
So that you can break through
If you’ve got the right skin
Or you’re born in the right country”

These are the lyrics to “Born In The Right Country” from the new album by River Whyless called “Kindness, A Rebel”. This Americana CD wraps gorgeously evocative lyrics around stunningly simple harmonies and melodies. The eerie “Motel 6” will bring a spooky goose bump to the hairs on your arm. The banjo on “Van Dyke Brown” brings the past to the present. There are beautiful violin pieces on “Falling Down” and “War is Kind” that will make your skin prickle. On “New Belief” you’ll think you are listening to an outtake from the Beatle’s “White Album”. This may be the best introduction to country folk rock from those of you who have been resistant to this genre.


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