Observations 6-8-2018-Bike Accident

Not sure if writing the poem about Fairfax was bad karma. When I was strolling the avenue I noticed a bicyclist on the sidewalk. The boy looked like a student from the high school. He wasn’t paying attention and proceeded to plow into me. I tried to get out of the way but I suppose at age 66 my reflexes aren’t up to par. I began to drop as I felt the tire hit my leg. I was in such a shocked and relaxed state that I was able to gently touch the street ground for a second. I popped myself up quickly. He asked, “Are you o.k. Sir?” I said yes and walked away.

I didn’t feel like I had injured anything. It took me about 30 minutes to walk home. My body usually has a horrific delayed reaction to these things. I did a body scan and didn’t notice any bruise. I was able to do my mindful meditation where I check out each ounce of my flesh. No problem with that.  I was a little sore on my right buttock. Ice seemed to numb the area. I took the anti-inflammatory Relafen before bed just as a precaution. It took a few days to recover.

Since this happened I’ve noticed that in addition to bicycles on the sidewalk there are these new-fangled scooters. I have learned my lesson and I am staying clear of the menace. It’s against the law to ride on the sidewalk. Maybe now that parts of the government aren’t following the rule of law, people feel they are exempt too!


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