Gordy’s Yummy Salmon

The below recipe is fodmap compliant for those afflicted with IBS. “Just Mayo” is a healthy nondairy version of Mayonnaise that is soy free. In one of my cooking classes at William Sonoma, I was told to not use Olive Oil for cooking. Olive oil should be used for salads and a topping when a dish is already cooked. Apparently there is something in Olive Oil that doesn’t do well when heated. This may be controversial since Olive Oil is the Oil of choice for most of us. This is just an explanation as to why I suggest Canola Oil in my salmon recipe.


1 pound of salmon

Tablespoon of “Just Mayo”

Tablespoon of squeezed lemon

Salt and Pepper

Two tablespoons of Canola Oil

One stalk cut up celery


Spray non-stick oil on square glass Pyrex

Place salmon skin side down into baking dish

Add all above ingredients on top of salmon

Let marinate in the refrigerator for about an hour prior to cooking

Pre-heat oven to 425 degrees

Cook for 20 minutes

Check for flakiness before serving

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