Master Class Observations

Carolyn Val-Schmidt’s Master Class is a thrilling experience. Her dramatic guidance for opera students is spot on. Her expressive language brings out the best in singers. Witnessing her suggestions to elevate stage presence is pure magic. Her grasp of characters, time, place, and emotion is stupendous. Watching this amazing teacher and the life changing impact she has on her students is cathartic.

2 thoughts on “Master Class Observations

  1. Oh, Gordon!   I am absolutely gob-smacked by your Observations!   Thank you so very much for your sincere and enthusiastic words!  Your exuberant dispatch  will be a huge asset in assisting me to create more opportunities for presenting my master classes and individual coaching.  And thank you for allowing this cheery epistle space in your Blog! Just read your post on TULLY.  Your words are once again pithy and potent.  Bumped into some of your poetry.  Dear man, we have a good deal in common.  I would like to stay in touch with you. Thank you again for taking the time to share your earnest and greatly positive thoughts! Most sincerely,Carolyn  

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