Poem of the week-Amoeba Aaron

Entering Amoeba records flashes back

51 years ago I entered Aaron Records

East of Fairfax on Melrose across the Highschool

Scouring the bins for the cut out find

Completing my Streisand collection

Black vinyl $1.98 magic

The Second Barbra Streisand Album

Rushing home to rip off the imaginary plastic

Sliding out of the sleeve

Praying the needle won’t scratch

Staring at the grooves

Hoping the nicks won’t bother me

Letting the clear distinct languishing notes

Rush over me

If I was straight I would lay with her

Off Singing along

Her sashing thru Down With Love

Or Belting When the Sun Comes Out

Jump ahead to 2018 last remaining record store

Amoeba tracks memories

Customers don’t look like old or young me

But they search for their miracle find

Don’t let the wrecking ball wipe out history

Gather the treasure LP ownership

Skip apple ,spotify and pandora

Absorb the needled music

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