Significant Other

The play deals with a Jordan, a single gay man in his late 20’s that watches each of his female friends get married. There are two magical,only in the theater, moments. He sees a co-worker Will  get out of a swimming pool on stage and explains to his friends why he has become obsessed with Will. He goes into amazing detail about Will’s looks. Despite the shallowness of his obsessesion you feel his spiritual connection to Will’s physique. The play builds to an emotional cathartic outburst when his closest girlfriend is about to be married. His explosion from his destructive self-loathing and sense of abandonment is astonishing. The actor dives into the pits of hell as he screams at the bride to be. I believe this playwright Joshua Harmon has some anger issues based on this play and his previous Bad Jews. None the less he writes compelling and well-constructed plays that are enriching the current theater environment.

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