Observations 12-28-2017

The relationship you have with God, the earth, spirituality, the universe, a higher power or whatever you believe in during the final days of the calendar year is a good time to take stock of your beliefs or non-beliefs. During final days of the calendar year there are moments of self-reflections that sneak up on you. I find December to be depressing because of shorter days and cold weather along with memories of isolation from the past. My first lover was Christian and had a difficult relationship with his parents. I wasn’t welcome during Christmas and had to fend for myself. Being Jewish you would think I wouldn’t care about the holidays but it can be devastating to be abandoned by your partner. It gave me too much time to think. Even now with a Jewish husband I find the holidays traumatic. The spirit of Christmas seems to cast a fleeting sense a loving humanity. As though everyone is on their best behavior for a few weeks. I anticipate how things will get back to “normal” after January 1st. I don’t believe in resolutions but I need to believe that goodwill, kindness, and unselfish behavior will flourish during 2018. I want to have peaceful sleeps where I awaken to a more peaceful world. I insist that there is a common thread intimately connecting all human beings. I am going to wish everyone a Happy New Year and make believe it will become a reality.

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