I was only able to buy a single orchestra (6th row) seat for myself back in May for $198.00. Wanting to share the experience with my husband was challenging. I was told that the only seats available were over $500. Even showing up at the Pantages box office in October and November yielded no results. But there is a happy ending to this story. Last night 2 hours prior to the performance I arrived at the Pantages. Lo and behold when I asked about a single seat for Neal they had an excellent seat-7th row orchestra a little closer to the center than my location for $249.00. Needless to say we thoroughly enjoyed this once in a lifetime theater experience. So for those of you that are frustrated with entering the daily $10.00 lottery ( see luckyseat.com) it might be worth your time to just show up at the theater and see what is available.






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