Gordon’s Poem of the Week

Negative ions fill my lungs on the Santa Monica pier

Breathing the calming breeze

Bountiful walking along the coast

Observing the senior beaches

Thai CHI followers

Homeless sheltering against the elements

Thinking I can smell the air

Wishing I could impregnate the image

Beating clouds trying to touch skyline

Joyful moments stick to my brain

I can forget pain burning and inflammation of

Each particle

Stopping to digest words

Gratitude for a God that created the sight

Welcoming the next adventure

Thank you.

3 thoughts on “Gordon’s Poem of the Week

  1. Well, your poem taught me something new: I had never heard of negative ions before, and had no idea they were so beneficial. And it’s a fine poem, too.


      1. We all feel like that. Or at least we all should! It’s usually the poems I hesitated to post that make it into my ‘top ten’. We get so familiar with our own stuff that familiarity breeds contempt, I think.


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