Theater Review and Discount Tips

Rotterdam at the Skylight theater is an exceptional British award winning
play that mainly focuses on the trial and tribulations of being trans-gendered and how it impacts relationships.  This is a brilliant production that will stick to your ribs long after you leave the theater. There are universal themes running through the experience that make this a must see. The Skylight theater is at 1816 1/2 N. Vermont, Los Angeles 90027. Rotterdam is running through the middle of December with a Q&A on most Sundays.

Signing up for “Goldstar”gives you the Opportunity to get 1/2 price tickets with a small service fee. We were able to get tickets for Rotterdam as a comp where we ended only paying a $6.00 service fee per ticket rather than $20 or $30. You can also try “Today Tix”–they discount tickets on the day of the performance and occasionally will have lottery type discounts even further discounted. We have sat in $300 founder circle ticket for the Los Angeles Opera for $39!

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