Family (1976 series)

It’s nostalgia time and what better way to hark back to 1976 then with the television series Family.

If you are looking for comfort then look no further than Sada Thompson playing the most iconic and wise mother in the history of television. She heads the excellent cast that includes two future lesbians Kristy Mc Nichol and Meredith Baxter. James Broderick plays Sada’s husband. In this episode the child star of the moment orphan Quinn Cummings is added to the Lawrence family. Tears will flow fast and furious. This episode ends with a family portrait. The remaining fifteen minutes are just a teaser for another episode that abruptly ends. It’s free so don’t complain.

Family – Starting Over; Changes (part 1 of 2) – YouTube

Family (1976 TV series) – Wikipedia

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