“Breakthrough” was my first experience seeing a faith based film. The true story of a teenage boy falling through the ice and drowning for almost an hour before he’s captured, is the stuff of high melodrama. The Christian aspects of the story are held in check to make for universal appeal. Chrissy Metz from “This Is Us” shines as she gets to the core inner truth of the mother. Josh Lucas and Topher Grace give beautiful support. The tears come fast and furious. You can forgive the predictability of the plot because there is a respectability and intelligence afforded the audience. There are no cheap emotions on display.

Due to my hearing loss, I’ve been requesting a closed caption contraption that recreates that the experience of subtitles being available. You place the instrument in the drink holder by your seat and twist the snakelike machine so that your eyes can glance at the dialogue. It works well and is similar to a foreign language movie. It can be unobtrusive and once your eyes adjust to periodically checking the words characters are speaking, it becomes a seamless experience. The captions don’t begin working until the film begins. When the film started I began seeing dialogue referring the Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, and Captian America. At first I thought the minister in the film was speaking to his congregations and wanting to be inclusive of the young secular generation. But as my film “Breakthrough” continued I realized that I was seeing the entire script for Avengers Endgame. Thank goodness I didn’t suffer through that three hour epic bore. The dialogue was trite and predictable.

This is the third time the closed captions didn’t work at various venues. The good news is that they feel sorry for me and give me a pass.


Breakthrough Trailer #1 (2019) | Movieclips Trailers – YouTube

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The True Story of ‘Breakthrough’ – YouTube

One thought on “Breakthrough

  1. I love movies like that,predictable though they are.I’m a believer!I NEVER see adventure movies!


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