Spotify Release of the Week-Nina Nesbitt

Nina Nesbitt has that voice that sneaks up on you. Kicking off with “Sacred”, she intrigues your senses. The mystery begins—are we in for pop, indie rock, alternative, rock? Where will this woman take us? “The Best You Had” is a soulful cry. Yes, she’s showing off her range but it works with her lyrical musing. “Loyal to Me” is hooky pop with enough substance to stick to your ribs. If you are looking for empowerment you need not go any further than the lyrics “You got me thinking maybe, I got potential, to be somebody.” In the “Somebody Special” track. With “Empire” she gracefully gives hints as to her background with “Gonna build an empire, Gonna build a castle in my head, Mum and Dad working double shifts, Kinda hard on relationships.”

She was born in a small village outside of Edinburgh to a Swedish mom. In addition to learning to play various instruments she was rhythmic gymnast training for the Olympics.

The final track is the gorgeous “The Sun will Come Up, Seasons will change”.  The melancholy of the lyric will break your heart with “You don’t see it, when it’s happening, happens over time First you’re loving, then you’re crying, then you can’t decide.”



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